It’s been a really exciting week as the frame went up on the house. We didn’t expect things to go so quickly, especially with all the rain we’ve had. Spending so much money on our 130m long driveway has paid off. Apparently the reason why our build is progressing so quickly, is that the trucks can’t get access to their other jobs as the driveways are too wet and the trucks will get bogged, so they’re all over at our place!

The house frame on the concrete. Looking towards the rumpus.

We’ve been having a lot of fun driving home via the property and checking out the progress. Although not all of us are enthused about our new house – 3.5yr old Little Miss announced that she hated her new room because the walls were see through and the rain could come in… Obviously have a bit to work on in understanding the concept of a house frame versus the finished product!

Looking out the lounge room frame towards the hills in the distance.

The view from what will be our lounge room window.

The view from our bedroom, looking out to the sun setting over the dam.

The view from what will be our bedroom window. Not bad at all…

Have you missed out on our house build story? The first in the series starts July Week 2.

Written by Nadia



It’s definitely uplifting looking out to the view.Although, in the interest of being honest, we moved thinking we’d be in our new place in a year… and it took eighteen months to break ground! But fingers crossed it should all be worth it in the end!

budget jan

Hello, I am looking through your lounge room window and the view is gorgeous. Looking forward to more blogs about your tree change life. đŸ™‚ Jan from Problogger Conference.


Jan!! It was so lovely to meet you at Problogger. I sometimes think – for those who can’t travel, a tree change is the next best thing. This will keep us more than occupied until the children are older and we can start to think about extensive travel plans again. You need to put a link to your blog for all of those thinking about their next travel plans!


My parents caravaned all around Australia, on and off, for six years. I’ve emailed mum your post.


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