Hi! I’m a mum to two gorgeous children -my pigeon pair, both lovely red-heads. Together with my husband, we are setting out to bring the best of our city upbringing to our life in the country. My husband and I both grew up in Sydney. He was a North Shore boy and I lived/loved the Inner West. Now we live on a small rural property in the Yass Valley.

We’ve had some massive life changes of late – the birth of our children and our big move to the country have made the biggest impact! I use the time while my children are sleeping, to write about our life in the country and everything that it entails – from keeping the children occupied, to the new places we discover, as well as chronicling our daily life and the challenges that we face.

However, my blog is heavily influenced by my life ‘before parenthood’. Prior to being a mum, I was the primary school coordinator and teacher at one of the biggest schools in Sydney. I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Sociology (which helps to explain some of my wonderings), as well as a Masters in Teaching, which I completed with Honours. Research and reflections in these areas interests me greatly, especially now I have children of my own.

What I love most about blogging is the connections I make with other people from all over the world. So please don’t hesitate to contact me at mystory@citymumrurallife.com I’d love to hear from you!

Cheers! Nadia

In the media

National Library: My blog was chosen to be archived in perpetuity as a snapshot of life in Australia

Kids on the Coast: Interviewed for an article on ‘Laptops in the Classroom’

Kinderling Radio: Interviewed on parenting related topics such as children and chores, homework, post-natal depression and my experiences as a mother.

Specifically I was also interviewed about my breast cancer scare and my experience surrounding this.

Nick Jr Parents: Profiled Blogger




You are starting out on a journey that I began fifteen years ago. Good to be beginning it with your eyes open, as I can see you are. The vignettes that I scribbled down all those years ago (ie watching my son in his playpen) are now among my treasured memories, made more vivid for having been captured in words. Much more lasting, somehow, and personal, than photos – though wonderful too these don’t resonate in quite the same way. And thank you for visiting my blog, Helen


That is so true what you say about the vignettes being so much more powerful. A truth I am only beginning to fully understand. I used to be so much more focused on the photos, but what is behind the photo has more meaning… Not to mention the things that can’t be captured by photos. I am so glad we have the luxury of both! Thanks for dropping by!


So glad I found your blog! I am in the same situation – I have moved from the city to the English countryside and it’s such a big change! Looking forward to following you x


The English countryside! I have images of romantic English gardens in my mind and lots of fields of green pasture! Glad you found us. Maybe we can swap our tree change experiences =)


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